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Today was all about getting started with testing Node! Specifically, we're going to be testing the task manager app we've been creating as part of a Udemy course on learning Nodejs.

Tonight, all I really got through was installing our testing suite (we're using Jest), and then writing a few simple tests not related to our project, to start to get a feel for how it works.

I'm actually rather excited about this section - I've known for awhile that testing (in particular automatic testing) is an important thing to do. However, I've never really taken the time to learn how to do this yet, or pick a framework for it. One of the many benefits of taking a course - decisions are made for you! :) So far, it seems fairly easy to use! It'll be interesting to get into the next few videos and see how we can actually apply it towards the API we wrote for our project.

I'm so used to taking courses on front-end projects, that it's a little odd to me that this time around, for this task manager project, we wrote an API that doesn't have a front-end, instead of writing either the front-end only, or both parts together! So far, I think I've been doing decently with Node. It helps that it's so heavily JS based, which is the main language I've focused my learning on. But it's thrown me many times when trying to write Node on my own, deciphering what works for Node and not the browser and vice versa. So I think it's helping a bit that this course is focused so much on just the Node section. A previous project (there's 4 total in the course) had us set up a little bit of a front end, but it was very simple, with just HTML and CSS, so no real confusion. Here's to hoping this is helping cement some of the differences in my brain!

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